This is What My Clients-Collegues Say About Me

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Jeanette for over 30 years. Her professionalism and industry expertise is outstanding.

I have watched her build highly successful marketing teams while also helping people achieve optimum health. She is passionate about helping people achieve their respective goals.

Susan Miller

Residual Income Expert

Jeanette had an instant impact on me in the 1990’s. Her energy, coaching, product knowledge, passion, kindness and professionalism is to this day, the best I have ever seen. She was and is a constant source of inspiration to every person she touches. There are few I would endorse at this level and Jeanette is a super star in my book. I stopped what I was doing to write this. I would help her do anything she asked me to. I am grateful to God that I met her and had the opportunity to work with her. I am a better man thanks to Jeanette Baack-Lowry.

Matthew Humphreys

COO EquiTrade Intl

It’s been so nice knowing and working with Jeanette over the past 30 years. As industry experts, it’s always a pleasure to work alongside someone as bright, personable, and confident as Jeanette. She’s a team player and has an ‘others focused mentality’ which is perfect in our residual income model that helps set people free.

Patty Cepeda

Top Income Earner Worldwide

Jeanette has both educated and walked me through the cleansing process and the importance for helping me lose the weight I’ve been able to flush. She’s also has been very helpful regarding to help educate me about the benefits of protein pacing and clean nutrition/shakes and exercise.

Julie Jackson

Executive Assistant

Jeanette is super dynamic individual, that would be a huge asset to any organization.

Al Chick

President at N.W. Medical Partners

I have known Jeanette for well over 30 years. We were teammates in college on the gymnastics team. A constant characteristic through the years has been Jeanette’s exceptional gift, a desire to help others reach their personal goals. Her dedication, focus, incredible energy, and positivity are inspirational. A servant’s heart, her commitment to others’ success is unparalleled.

Maureen Nolan

Owner-Designated Broker at Lakeshore Realty West Greater Seattle

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